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Value for money (and why the $ part is not the most important)

Ever wondered how much money you spend on different rides?
Ever wished your toddler wouldn’t grow so fast because that means yet another new bike?

An average parent easily spends 60 to 120 dollars on one ride. You do the math!

Infento comes with the solution to let you save some serious $$$. Let’s take a look at our new GO Kit that we recently launched. Our GO Kit offers the possibility to build 4 different models at 139 dollar (and euro), which makes it only $ 34.75 per model (!).

$34.75 for a very qualitative and sturdy ride that neurologically challenges your child’s brain. Balance, steering, scooting; they learn it all from just one Kit. Start with the Rider and transform into to the next ride, when your kid is ready. The Go Kit grows along with your child.

Ok, we’ve just spend 4 paragraphs about the big value that Infento brings in terms of $$$, but let’s forget about coins, bucks and bills for a moment.

What’s much more important is that the building gives you and your family an unique experience of actually creating your own ride together.

Rewarding, bonding, educative and fun in one. With Infento kids also get to know the basics of technical science at a very early stage in their development. We think that is a big plus, because don’t you also think that creative minds have a much bigger chance to thrive in this fast changing world?

Here you can see four cheeky and creative kids on the GO kit rides. It looks like they are getting ready to take on the world when they grow up :-).

And let’s not forget that while you save money you also help to save the planet. With our modular kit you don’t need to buy new (mostly plastic) rides. You just use the same parts to build another model when your kid is ready for a new or bigger one. Now that’s true sustainability. 

Have a Go!

Are you ready to turn your family into real makers? To build a ride with your kid(s) while also building a bond together?

Nothing is more rewarding than working on a shared goal and succeeding. And the best part is; after the build… it’s time to actually enjoy what you made!

Check out our online store and take the first step towards building your very own ride with your kids.


Check out this creation

We want to conclude this post with some fantastic creativity from our community. Brian and his son from the United States made this ride they dubbed the ‘Trike Hauler’.

This truly original ride is ideal for moving friends, family and other precious cargo around.

The creations Infento fans make, keep on amazing us. Great to see that there is so much creativity in our community. Keep on building!

Until the next stop,

Team Infento

PS. We have a tremendous amount of requests from Canadian people. When will Infento be available in Canada they ask. For the Canadians reading this… pssssttt…. we hear you and we’re working on it, so please stay tuned :-).