Take a look at our first Junior Kit

It has been a busy but very exciting week at Infento. Everybody had one goal in their mind: finish the first kit for shipment. And we succeeded in this! So without further ado, we present to you our very first Junior Kit:

(From left to right: Sander, Rogier, Thijs, Spencer, Pieter and big Infento fans Stella and Hugo)

The Junior Kit consists of one small box, one big box and one crate. These three are packed with their contents into one big protective outer box to ensure that every kit arrives at its destination without dents or other damages.

Do you want a close-up? Here you can see the kit from the side with the small Infento wheels, seats and aluminum profiles:

And this shot is taken from above. It gives you a good view of the content in the small and big box:

Every kit comes with a lot of bolts and nuts. You have to be quite experienced in hardware to immediately see the difference between a M6 or M8 bolt. And what the heck does it even stand for? A lot of our readers will know this question, but for the ones that don’t, here goes: “M” stands for metric and the following number is the thread diameter in millimeter. Thus: M5 has a thread of 5 mm. The number doesn’t refer to the size of spanner that you need. M5 needs an 8 mm spanner for example.

And remember: kids will have to construct their own rides also. It’s important that they can easily see the difference between every part. So we put every bolt and nut in different bags and added a sticker with the name and its size on a scale of 1:1 on the bag. Convenient, right?! And very constructive for the kids!
We also added a plasticized paper in the kit with the layout of the box on one side (this way you know where to put all the parts if you want to build another ride) and on the other side a fasteners sheet on a 1:1 scale that can help kids and parents when they’re building a ride.Maybe a couple of you forgot what kind of cool rides you can build with our Junior Kit? Well, you can build 6 rides for kids up to 5 years old. No need to buy them anything with wheels anymore. We’ve got you covered! You can build a walker, balance trike, balance carrier, scooter, balance bike and a tricycle:The coming week it’s all about finishing the production of the Junior Kits.
We’re also starting with the assembly and production of our Creator and Master Creator Kits that are meant for our European customers. Alongside this we work hard to finish all the kits for our American supporters. We want to get a container full of kits on a ship crossing the Atlantic as soon as possible. We will keep you updated as much as we can since we understand that every Kickstarter backer (and their children or grand children) is eagerly waiting to receive their very own Infento kit!
Keep on riding, we will chat again at the next turn,Team Infento