Hello Infento fan!

Are you enjoying your summer holiday? Sun, sand and sea?

At Infento, we not only keep on riding, but keep on working as well. We are getting ready for the big move to our new location. The finishing touches are being executed as we speak. How about an Infento red stairway? Not to heaven, but to our offices and kitchen area.

On the wall, some speaker boxes also in flashy red. Painted by one of our very own creative minds. And notice the mounting system on the wall. Yet again, you can see that anything is possible when using the power of your imagination.

In this newsletter, we've got these items for you:

- Master Creator Kits in the US
- Infento fans get creative
- The cardboard sawfish rostrum
- A new round of FAQ's

Just sit back and... take your place in the driver's seat! ;-)

Hey there Infento supporter!

We have been running around like determined ants. The warehouse looks like it has been transformed into an Infento anthill. Red boxes everywhere with worker ants running around filling them with parts. A very pretty sight if we take the time to a look at it from the sidelines!

Almost all of the Kickstarter kits are now out of the door. We receive a lot of feedback and photo's from backers that have already built rides with their family. We really get a huge boost from this. And we think you will too. Check out some heartwarming pictures in this newsletter below.

This is the line-up we have for you:

- Shipping update
- Heartwarming feedback with inspiring pictures!
- Infento's FAQ's


Hey there, Infento fan!

Want to read about a hyper cool supercar meeting? Or the shipping update? Hold on to your seats, we will take you for a ride through the news. Here's the lineup:

  • Shipping milestone and update
  • The art of driving a forklift truck
  • Gumball supercars
  • Nuts and bolts

Shipping update

Yes, this is indeed what you think it is. We loaded the container last week. This forklift truck did not only lift the pallets, but also our spirits. Waving off this batch of kits is a true milestone in the history of Infento.


Hey there Infento enthusiast!

We made a lot of headway in the last two weeks and we think we have another cool update for you! So buckle up and see what we have in store for you:

  • Snow Add-on Update
  • We're creating Creator kits
  • BBC: "Infento is droolworthy"
  • Plan for coming weeks


Hello again Infento enthusiast!

Exciting times at Infento, exciting times for our Infento enthusiasts. What news have we got lined up for you?

  • Delivery update
  • Infento is playing postman
  • First backers are building
  • A brand new ride
  • Exactly 7 years ago.....

So lets switch into high gear and check out what we've been up to since our last update.


It has been a busy but very exciting week at Infento. Everybody had one goal in their mind: finish the first kit for shipment. And we succeeded in this! So without further ado, we present to you our very first Junior Kit:

Time for a new update! A lot of things have happened and we are very eager to share all the news with you:

  • Delivery update
  • Video: the making¬†of an Infento aluminum profile
  • Boxes, boxes, boxes and.... boxes
  • Feature in Stuff Magazine: "Infento is better than Lego"

So lets start the engine again and hop on!

Bye bye 2015. Welcome 2016! Last year was all about the official launch of our consumer kits. This year these two words will get our full attention... scaling up. We need to seriously scale up on our production side but we also need to hire many smart and wonderful Infento enthusiasts so we can build our organization.

Take the bitter with the sweet. Prov. Accept adversity as well as good fortune, as in: If you intend to get married, you must be prepared to take the bitter with the sweet. This idiom is dating from the late 1300s. It was first recorded in John Heywood's 1546 proverb collection. (The American Heritage¬ģ Idioms Dictionary).

A couple of weeks passed by and we are eager to update you on everything we've been working on. This is going to be a big update so after reading you will know exactly where we are on our Infento journey, where we are going and when. We have a lot of positive things to share with you but unfortunately as you could probably deduct from the title and the first paragraph not every topic will be a good news show this time.