We launched last Wednesday and the crowdfunding campaign immediately started with a Big Bang. We reached 64% of our $50,000 goal on the first day! Amazing. Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm to share our story.

Yes! Great news! Here we go! We received feedback from Kickstarter and we can launch our crowdfunding campaign whenever we like.  We just have to press the button "Launch" on our Kickstarter page and our project is live for the world to see. When will we launch?...

Wouldn't it be great if you could attach a real electric motor to your ride? One that would give kids the feeling that they own their very own Tesla? We guess you already got the hint from our last update. We are developing Infento E-drive! 

The work on an electric motor started a couple of months ago. It is still early stage but we already produced a rudimentary first prototype. Check out the picture below. Does it really work you wonder? You betcha!



This week we introduce our Big Snow Add-on. What can you expect from this Add-on? Well, truly unlimited snow fun for the whole family. Yes, these glides are not only for your kids, but also for you.

Have you ever heard of a Skibock? Well it's bound to become the new sensation on the ski slopes! Check out this short videoclip to see our Skibock and the other glides in action before we give you more details about Big Snow:


Or click this link: Infento Big Snow Add-on Video

The time has come to reveal our Snow add-ons. Sun or snow. Summer or winter. Infento takes on every terrain and season! Simply turn your rides into glides with our awesome Snow Add-ons. These glides will bring guaranteed snow fun for your whole family! This week we will introduce the Junior Snow Add-on. Next week we unveil the Snow Add-on for the Creator and Master Creator Kit.

Junior Kit + Junior Snow Add-on

With this complete Kit you can create 4 glides + 6 Junior rides for the smallest children. The Junior Snow Add-on is for children from 0 to 7 years. With this Kit and Add-on your children can have fun the whole year long in every season!



This week we lift the curtains on our biggest Kit: The Master Creator Kit. With this Kit you will be able to build 11 rides! You and your child will have their whole childhood fun building and riding. From 0 till 13 years. And this with just one kit.

The Master Creator Kit introduces you to 2 new rides: the Bulldog and the Swing!

Infento BULLDOG:

Do not worry, this Bulldog won’t bite. Instead it will transport your child anywhere in style. With a safe hand brake system and a rubber tooth belt your child will be in no danger while riding this awesome ride. Build this Bulldog and let your kid be the one who let the dogs out!


Infento Creator Kit: How Much?

The Infento Creator Kit has 3 new awesome rides! With the Creator Kit you will be able to build 9 unique rides. But as always with Infento, the possibilities are endless and you can create your own awesome rides. Only 5 more weeks and all our Kits will be available on Kickstarter for pre-order!

The materials in all our Kits are durable and of very good quality. No need for buying many expensive ride-ons, the Infento Kit grows with your child. One kit for the whole childhood, that is what we call sustainability.

The Creator Kit has all the materials needed to build all 6 Junior rides and 3 extra unique rides.