07 Jul

Our new Master Creator Kit video is here!

A family day at the beach is even more fun if you bring some Infento rides. Check out our hot-off-the-press video of the Master Creator Kit! 

See a pack of kids cruising their rides on the boulevard. And why not try to conquer some sand as well? Let’s see if they can turn their rides into beach buggies :).

The vast ocean, the sunset turning the world into a beautiful reddish scenery. What more could you wish for?

(click on the image or this link to see the video)

Wow, that was just a stunning experience on the beach. We will definitely head back soon to have some more sun, sea and sand fun :-).

Eager to have some family fun yourself? Explore the infinite possibilities of our Master Creator Kit.

From teeny, tiny toddler to not so teeny, tiny 13-year old teenager. We’ve got you covered, a whole childhood long.

Guided by our step by step manuals, you can build these 14 (!) rides:

Yes, all of this with just one Kit. And if you use your own imagination, you can build any ride you can think of! The possibilities are endless. 

With kids growing so rapidly, our Kit saves you a lot of money over the years. When your child is ready for a bigger ride, just rebuild to the next!

Check out our Master Creator Kit in the online store and start your own family adventure!

Thank you for reading, we see you at the next corner,

Team Infento