25 Apr

Delivery update, backers are building and a brand new ride

Hello again Infento enthusiast!

Exciting times at Infento, exciting times for our Infento enthusiasts. What news have we got lined up for you?

  • Delivery update
  • Infento is playing postman
  • First backers are building
  • A brand new ride
  • Exactly 7 years ago…..

So lets switch into high gear and check out what we’ve been up to since our last update.

Delivery update

We want to start this update with the most important topic for the fans that were the first to pre-order a kit during our crowdfunding campaign. The first kits are out and we are working insanely hard to get the rest shipped as soon as possible. So what’s the status? It has proven to be a truly big operation to saw/laser/tap all profiles and axes (in total 10km/7mi.) and to get 250 parts in just one kit (and then repeat this process 750 times), but were getting better and better at it and we now expect to have all the pre-orders ready within 3-4 weeks. We will ship them from our warehouse in Amsterdam to the rest of the world.

Do you live in Europe? Then shipping only takes a couple of days from our production facility. Expect your Creator or Master Creator kit in about 4 weeks.

Are you from USA or Canada? When your kit is ready we will immediately load it into a container, get it on a cargo ship crossing the Atlantic, go through customs to our warehouse in Chicago and from there on ship it to you. This means you have to be a bit more patient. This whole process takes an additional 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately technology isn’t at the level yet where we just beam them to you like they do in Star Trek.

Do you live in a beautiful other part of the world? Sending a kit of 50-60 kilos (110-130 lbs) with airfreight is insanely expensive. This leaves us with the boat option as our only choice of shipment. When your kit is ready in our warehouse we will race it to the harbor and put it on a boat to you. Depending on where you live this can take up to 2-6 weeks. Australia for example is pretty far from our HQ. Just 21.500 kilometers (13.500 miles) away…

We received feedback that some of you would love more frequent updates about our delivery status, so from now on we will more often send you tidbits of news about this specific matter. We’re almost there, dear crowdfunding supporter! And of course it doesn’t stop there. It’s just the beginning. When this first order is out we continue right away with our second batch since our inbox is flooded with new pre-orders on a daily basis. No, we’re not complaining at all, we’re extremely happy and grateful how things are going :-).

Infento is playing postman

As you know we’ve sent out all the Junior Kits to the European backers. We noticed on one of the address labels that one of the first backers lives nearby our production facility. So why not deliver it in person?! The founding fathers of Infento, Sander and Spencer, hopped on an Amsterdam tram with a big box. We were very excited to bring our package to this family that had patiently been awaiting their Junior Kit. It was a sweet Kodak moment, as you can see below.

Ding, donggg. Ding donggg. Woof. Woof…. Surprise!

Hey little fellow, check out this cool kit especially for you! Ok, well, as you can see the little Infento fan was a bit overwhelmed from the sudden action. All the old folks in the room were even more excited than he was, haha:

For us it always is a true pleasure to meet people that share our vision: building and creating together with your family. What can be more fun than that?

First backers are building

It’s so much fun to receive messages and pictures from our first users. We love to hear about the first experiences with our kits. Is the manual clear, is it easy to construct your own ride? And most importantly; do the kids love it?!

Last week we received an e-mail from Hans, one of our backers. Hans is quite the speedy type. He has already built a Rider and this one is now ready to go for a spin. His feedback: ‘Super, great toy. Took about 100 minutes to assemble. Everything is just right, great materials.’ Thanks Hans, you’ve made us blush! And check this out, he even personalized the ride, how cool is that?! Xavi, your ride is ready, hop on little racer!

A second mail we wanted to share with you comes from Elke. She built a Wallaby. First reaction of the little Infento fan: ‘No, mummm, this isn’t a Wallaby, this is an Erniemobile!’

And Elke had some positive feedback as well. ‘What a cool stuff! Really, our compliments. Building was super easy. Very clear manuals. Building time says 90 minutes, but we were ready in a small hour or so.‘ Thanks Elke! You sure are a fast builder. We are curious which ride you will build next!

A brand new ride!

As you might remember, there are 6 rides you can build from the Junior Kit. But now there’s a new kid in town. We present to you: Trimax! 

You can create this ride with the parts that are already in the Junior Kit, no extras needed. The Trimax is the sister of the Skitter. The difference is at the back; where the Skitter has one wheel, the Trimax has two.

Now you can take corners faster, without any balance problems. Max stability, Max safety! We’re working on the manual at the moment and once that is finished we will upload it so everyone can start building Trimax. This once again shows the possibilities and versatility of Infento. Just think of something and build it. Nothing is holding you back.

Exactly 7 years ago…

Exactly 7 years ago…. well, ok, almost exactly. At the 19th of April in 2009 to be precise… founder Sander sent an email to founder Spencer with a 3D drawing of this model with the accompanying text: “Do you mean something like this…?”

Spencer stared at his screen. Yes, this is exactly what he had in mind! They started constructing quickly thereafter. This first Infento model made from aluminum profiles now hangs at the ceiling of our production facility. And… the rest is history :-).

Right now we are working hard on creating new chapters in our company’s history and we are really grateful that you and so many other people are enthusiastic about Infento. This isn’t something we expected 7 years ago but secretly did dream about of course :-).

As always, keep on riding,

Team Infento