04 Oct

Celebrate Animal Day with a challenge

Happy Animal Day to everyone!

October 4th is the day we give our pets some extra treats. But also the day to raise awareness for animal welfare for all animals around the globe.

Kids love animals and so do we. What better way to celebrate today than to build an Infento animal? Yup, you can truly construct anything with Infento. Even fun animals!

We’re launching a contest to see which family can build the best animal from Infento parts. The winner gets a big prize. Do you accept the challenge???

Click the video below to find out the details. It includes two giraffes. And a prize with a twist… 😉

Time to grab your Infento kit and let the creativity flow. Create anything you can think of. Will it be a dog, a croc or a dino? The options are unlimited.

Get ready, set, build!

Thanks for reading and we’ll keep in touch!

Team Infento