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We have some very exciting news to share in this newsletter. We have been very busy ramping up production and now 1,500 lucky people get the opportunity to reap the fruits of our labour. We also have some other cool stuff to share. Here's today's menu:

  • 1,500 new Infento Kits
  • Award for Best Employer Technique
  • Table-talk
  • Back to the future
  • Red is the magic color

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1,500 new Infento Kits

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet (thus spoke a wise guy called Aristotle). And now 1,500 early birds can eat this sweet Infento fruit. After our Kickstarter campaign ended we immediately put our website infentorides.com live. If you press the pre-order button on our site and fill in the form, you automatically get a place on our waiting list. Do we actually do something with this list? Yes, we do! We follow its sequence dutifully. Number by number.

We have a huge demand for our kits and right now we can't keep up with production. That's why we work with a waiting list. We just completed the production of 1,500 kits and the first 1,500 people that signed up for a pre-order now get the chance to buy a kit.  At this very moment, 750 of these kits are on their journey to the US. The other 750 are destined for Europe. We apologize to the rest of the world. Because of large transportation costs and hefty import duties we decided to focus on the US and EU first. So, if you are one of those early ones and you live in the US or EU, keep a close watch on your mail.