Good day Infento fan!

We're adding a cool feature to our new location: we made a start with a display of all our rides, at high altitude. A nice way to keep an eye on our different models. Though we doubt our cleaner is happy with this. Some alpine climbing talent is essential to dust these off. And this blue colour has to go of course :-).

A new stage, new kits

Every single Kickstarter order has been shipped. We take this opportunity to thank every backer again, for believing in our product. Without you, no Infento would have been born.

Crossing the Kickstarter finish means we are getting ready for our next stage. So what's the plan? We are very busy with the production and assembly of new kits. There is a huge demand for the kits and we do everything we can to speed up production. You can place a pre-order at our website and very very soon we will give the first group of people that were the first to do a new pre-order after the Kickstarter campaign an opportunity to get a kit! We've almost finished 750 new kits for this purpose. So if you are one of these early birds: keep an eye out for an Infento mail!

At the same time, we gather all the feedback from our building backers, to implement improvements. We aim for perfection and your help is very much appreciated! In between, we are moving things like desks and shelving units to our new offices.