Hello Infento fan!

Are you enjoying your summer holiday? Sun, sand and sea?

At Infento, we not only keep on riding, but keep on working as well. We are getting ready for the big move to our new location. The finishing touches are being executed as we speak. How about an Infento red stairway? Not to heaven, but to our offices and kitchen area.

On the wall, some speaker boxes also in flashy red. Painted by one of our very own creative minds. And notice the mounting system on the wall. Yet again, you can see that anything is possible when using the power of your imagination.

In this newsletter, we've got these items for you:

- Master Creator Kits in the US
- Infento fans get creative
- The cardboard sawfish rostrum
- A new round of FAQ's

Just sit back and... take your place in the driver's seat! ;-)