This week we lift the curtains on our biggest Kit: The Master Creator Kit. With this Kit you will be able to build 11 rides! You and your child will have their whole childhood fun building and riding. From 0 till 13 years. And this with just one kit.

The Master Creator Kit introduces you to 2 new rides: the Bulldog and the Swing!

Infento BULLDOG:

Do not worry, this Bulldog won’t bite. Instead it will transport your child anywhere in style. With a safe hand brake system and a rubber tooth belt your child will be in no danger while riding this awesome ride. Build this Bulldog and let your kid be the one who let the dogs out!


Infento Creator Kit: How Much?

The Infento Creator Kit has 3 new awesome rides! With the Creator Kit you will be able to build 9 unique rides. But as always with Infento, the possibilities are endless and you can create your own awesome rides. Only 5 more weeks and all our Kits will be available on Kickstarter for pre-order!

The materials in all our Kits are durable and of very good quality. No need for buying many expensive ride-ons, the Infento Kit grows with your child. One kit for the whole childhood, that is what we call sustainability.

The Creator Kit has all the materials needed to build all 6 Junior rides and 3 extra unique rides.

The two most asked questions we received from you during this pre-launch stage:

1.  When will you launch with your Kickstarter campaign?
2.  What are the prices of your Kits?

In this update we will lift the curtains on our launch date and share the pricing of our Junior Kit. The prices of our other Kits and Add-ons will be revealed in the following weeks. We will also talk about the unexpected level of interest for our pre-launch video on Facebook!

Infento now has 15,000+ fans on Facebook


We recently shared our introduction video (the one you can see at on Facebook. We were quite surprised by the response and feedback! We received thousands of likes in a couple of days. At the moment we have more than 15,000 Facebook friends! And this within 14 days after we released the video. Incredible.

It looks like we are not alone in our thinking that our construction kits for families is something really cool. Thanks everyone for sharing and supporting!