Hey there Infento enthusiast! 07:00 AM, Friday. Four members of Team Infento got into their car and drove to the airport to catch a plane to Frankfurt, Germany. Were these early birds going to catch a sandwich with a famous Frankfurter Würstchen? Nope. Visiting the Frankfurter Buchmesse...

Upgrade Kits: take it to the next level! The thing with kids is, they grow… Which is natural and necessary, because we want them to become healthy, happy young adults. The downside is that parents are obliged to keep buying stuff as their children grow out of everything. Clothes,...


Hey, let's get ready for some viral vibes!


Dear Infento aficionado,
Infento went viral on the internet. We went what? Viral! We call something viral when it is quickly and widely spread by for instance Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. This is the mysterious and marvellous effect the internet can have.

As of yet our video was viewed more than 14,000,000 (!) times. Yes that's fourteen million. In this newsletter you can read all about it. We even beat Coca-Cola and Aldi with their product videos.

This is the menu of today:

  • How Infento became a huge hit on the internet
  • Top 5 viral product videos
  • Infento now belongs in the top 1% of Youtube

Grab a comfy seat and read all about our viral adventures.

Snow outside? Great!

It looks like winter is finally rearing its head around the world.

The winter storm that socked the Southeast of the US now has moved up to the East Coast. The National Weather Service predicts the storm could drop a foot of snow in Boston, two feet on the Massachusetts coast and seven inches in New York.

And heavy snow fall and below-freezing temperatures continued to sweep across the European continent this weekend. Several Greek islands, otherwise known for their sunny and warm weather, were blanketed in snow with freezing temperatures. The chill didn't spare sunny Rome. The fountains in St. Peter's Square froze overnight and dripped icicles instead.

Now there are two things we can do. We can agonize over the fact that the cold is grounding airplanes, crippling ferries and making the roads slippery but isn't it much better to embrace the winter and have some fun in the snow?!

You guessed it, we took the last advice. We loaded our car with Infento glides last week and drove to Winterberg in Germany to do a photo and video shoot. Check out the pics below to get an impression!

Hi there, Infento supporter!

We have some very exciting news to share in this newsletter. We have been very busy ramping up production and now 1,500 lucky people get the opportunity to reap the fruits of our labour. We also have some other cool stuff to share. Here's today's menu:

  • 1,500 new Infento Kits
  • Award for Best Employer Technique
  • Table-talk
  • Back to the future
  • Red is the magic color

Buckle up and get ready for the ride.

1,500 new Infento Kits

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet (thus spoke a wise guy called Aristotle). And now 1,500 early birds can eat this sweet Infento fruit. After our Kickstarter campaign ended we immediately put our website live. If you press the pre-order button on our site and fill in the form, you automatically get a place on our waiting list. Do we actually do something with this list? Yes, we do! We follow its sequence dutifully. Number by number.

We have a huge demand for our kits and right now we can't keep up with production. That's why we work with a waiting list. We just completed the production of 1,500 kits and the first 1,500 people that signed up for a pre-order now get the chance to buy a kit.  At this very moment, 750 of these kits are on their journey to the US. The other 750 are destined for Europe. We apologize to the rest of the world. Because of large transportation costs and hefty import duties we decided to focus on the US and EU first. So, if you are one of those early ones and you live in the US or EU, keep a close watch on your mail.

Hey, it's us again! 

This update about the development of our electric motor (e-drive) begins with Augustus, founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor, ruling from 27 BC until his death in AD 14. His maternal great-uncle Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC, and Augustus was named in Caesar's will as his adopted son and heir.

The Roman historian Suetonius tells that Augustus strongly disapproved of rashness in a military commander, and, accordingly, his favourite saying was Festina Lente. These Latin words can be translated as "make haste slowly".

Good day Infento fan!

We're adding a cool feature to our new location: we made a start with a display of all our rides, at high altitude. A nice way to keep an eye on our different models. Though we doubt our cleaner is happy with this. Some alpine climbing talent is essential to dust these off. And this blue colour has to go of course :-).

A new stage, new kits

Every single Kickstarter order has been shipped. We take this opportunity to thank every backer again, for believing in our product. Without you, no Infento would have been born.

Crossing the Kickstarter finish means we are getting ready for our next stage. So what's the plan? We are very busy with the production and assembly of new kits. There is a huge demand for the kits and we do everything we can to speed up production. You can place a pre-order at our website and very very soon we will give the first group of people that were the first to do a new pre-order after the Kickstarter campaign an opportunity to get a kit! We've almost finished 750 new kits for this purpose. So if you are one of these early birds: keep an eye out for an Infento mail!

At the same time, we gather all the feedback from our building backers, to implement improvements. We aim for perfection and your help is very much appreciated! In between, we are moving things like desks and shelving units to our new offices.


Hello Infento fan!

Are you enjoying your summer holiday? Sun, sand and sea?

At Infento, we not only keep on riding, but keep on working as well. We are getting ready for the big move to our new location. The finishing touches are being executed as we speak. How about an Infento red stairway? Not to heaven, but to our offices and kitchen area.

On the wall, some speaker boxes also in flashy red. Painted by one of our very own creative minds. And notice the mounting system on the wall. Yet again, you can see that anything is possible when using the power of your imagination.

In this newsletter, we've got these items for you:

- Master Creator Kits in the US
- Infento fans get creative
- The cardboard sawfish rostrum
- A new round of FAQ's

Just sit back and... take your place in the driver's seat! ;-)

Hey there Infento supporter!

We have been running around like determined ants. The warehouse looks like it has been transformed into an Infento anthill. Red boxes everywhere with worker ants running around filling them with parts. A very pretty sight if we take the time to a look at it from the sidelines!

Almost all of the Kickstarter kits are now out of the door. We receive a lot of feedback and photo's from backers that have already built rides with their family. We really get a huge boost from this. And we think you will too. Check out some heartwarming pictures in this newsletter below.

This is the line-up we have for you:

- Shipping update
- Heartwarming feedback with inspiring pictures!
- Infento's FAQ's


Hey there, Infento fan!

Want to read about a hyper cool supercar meeting? Or the shipping update? Hold on to your seats, we will take you for a ride through the news. Here's the lineup:

  • Shipping milestone and update
  • The art of driving a forklift truck
  • Gumball supercars
  • Nuts and bolts

Shipping update

Yes, this is indeed what you think it is. We loaded the container last week. This forklift truck did not only lift the pallets, but also our spirits. Waving off this batch of kits is a true milestone in the history of Infento.